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Access to Markets and Business Matching Services

Our guidance and services are based on the ability to understand your needs, combined with experience of the stages of business growth and a deep knowledge of the market sectors in Cambodia and the region.


Market Information, Advice and Reports

In order to maximise the value of your products and services, we provide market research, advice, insights and information in your sector including; sector economics, property, demographics, competitive forces, government policy, infrastructure, investment opportunities, locations, labour, HR resources, compliance and legal implications.

This can be at entry-level or in depth according to your requirements.

Costs from $500-4000.


Introductions to Local Service Providers

We provide information and introductions to verified professional services for;

  • Government ministries at senior levels

  • Business registration, work permits and labour advice

  • Tax and legal

  • Office / Property purchase or rental and construction

  • HR and management recruitment

  • Brand, marketing and media

  • Bookkeeping, accountants, banking and finance

  • Auditors and compliance

  • Management, personal development and capacity building training

  • Health and safety

  • Vehicles

  • Education

  • Import and export

  • Suppliers, agents and distributors

  • Investment and sector trade partnerships

  • Mergers and acquisition

  • Business chambers and associations

  • Corporate Social Responsibility


Brand and Marketing

Your brand and marketing is already successful in your existing markets, but needs contextualising to the local market. We provide in depth planning and implementation of all aspects of brand, marketing, social media, creative content and sales. 


Access to Markets and Business Matches

We provide information and tailored introductions to verified local potential clients. Before you meet them we contact them and discuss the options that would possible. After that we feedback to you to ratify the credentials meet your requirements. Following this we arrange face to face meetings between you and them. In this way we accurately identify credible clients and save you time.


Following on from this, when you visit the country, we provide a meeting arrangement facility, where we connect you to potential partners, providers and customers. This can be with us accompanying you or by yourself. 


“....dont wait - organise yourself for systematic innovation, looking for the opportunities for changes inside and outside your organisation”                                                         Peter Drucker

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